The Princess Taylor: Consideration

Touring Considerations May Differ. Please Inquire.

Brief Encounter (1 hour)- $450
Leave You Breathless (2 hours)- $900
Great Escape (3 hours)- $1300

Donation for Couples:

Sweet Introductory (1 hour)- $500

An Intimate Adventure (2 hours)- $1000

*Dinner dates, Rendezvous & Overnights available upon request*

*I also offer meet&greets for new clients and couples to make sure we are a great match, so please do not hesitate to ask about this option*

*Meet &greet fee is 100, and can be credited to any appointment you wish to make within a reasonable time*

*No meet & greet fee for couples*

*Meet and greets will always take place in a public area*


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